Glowing Glamour Gems is a small business, based out of Missouri that sells waist beads. Go with the Glow! ✨ Waist beads have many different purposes; including self love, weight journey, or fashion! Waist beads are for all ages, races, or body shapes. They can be worn under clothes, with a swim suit, with lingerie, with a crop top, ETC. Buy them as a gift, or buy them for yourself! Show them off to the world, wear them in private for yourself, or significant other. Waist beads go around your stomach, waist, or above your hips! 

Glowing Glamour Gems enhances your inner glow! Waist beads that make you feel confident in your body! 

Each strand is handmade, on a cotton cord with mainly glass beads. Some waist beads have charms!  Wear as many as you’d like!! All of the waist beads are created to wear for long periods of time. They’re non-removable, unless a clasp is bought with them. A clasp allows you to remove them whenever you’d like to. One barrel clasp per strand of beads! If purchasing multiple waist beads please add a clasp for all of them. If a clasp is wanted a measurement is needed! All of them are created to fit most figures! Sizes range up to 50”. Made with care, love, and positive energy! ✨♥️


History of Waist Beads: 

Historians say waist beads originated in Africa centuries ago. In West Africa, waist beads have several names such as Jigeda, Giri-Giri, Jel-Jelli, Dialey, and Yomba. In many parts of the world they’re known as waist beads! Traditionally young girls receive their beads, and wear them through out every phase of their life’s. They were also found on Egyptian tomb wall paintings. In Egypt they were called “Girdles”, and worn as a status symbol.   They're also known as body beads, belly chains, ETC. 


“Once you put your strands against your skin, they basically become a part of you! - Every time I see my beads; they make me feel really good about myself & my body! My beads never come off. I wear them during everything I do!! I wear multiple against my skin! “ - Beamed Daniellea the creator, of Glowing Glamour Gems. 


The creator Daniellea was inspired by a sold out belt from the United Kingdom. Since she couldn't buy it, she became really disappointed! She started to look and came across waist beads! Did lots of research. She learned lots of tips from the African Culture! She had also never saw them before until she was shopping at the mall & a lady showed her, her set & inspired her to start creating them! That's where the journey began. 


“You’re God’s masterpiece! “ -Ephesians 2:10